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Drills to help you increase your speed, agility, and reaction time to help you improve in Sparring!



Flexibility & Higher Kicks

Want higher kicks or to achieve the splits? Use specific drills and stretches to help you increase your dynamic flexibility to get higher kicks!


Weapons Training

Want to learn how to use Nunchucks or Bo Staff? These series break down the basics to start learning strikes, spins, and more! Perfect for beginners!



5 Drills to Help You Kick Higher | Martial Arts, Taekwondo, Karate

This is the question I get asked the most frequently: HOW DO I GET MY KICKS HIGHER? So many people think getting high kicks is just about stretching a lot, but not many realize that to be able to have high kicks you need a lot of strength and balance! Here’s 3 specific drills and stretches to help you achieve higher kicks! 

Most Common Kicking Mistakes Martial Artists Make

Here’s the Top 7 Kicking Mistakes that Martial Artists Make In Their Kicks!

How to Get Over Your Fear of Sparring

Tired of letting your fear control your mind & body when it comes to Sparring? Here’s 5 steps you can take to help you manage your fears and become more confident! 

10-min Stretching Routine for Splits

Want a quick daily stretching routine you can do to help you get closer to your splits? Try this 10-min routine I put together with one of my best friends & Martial Arts YouTuber, Donavan Barrett! It has specific stretches for Martial Artists to help you get closer to achieving your splits and help you get higher kicks.

How to Get Higher Kicks: 10-min Daily Workout Routine

Want a quick daily workout you can do to help you get your kicks higher? Try this 10-min routine I put together to help strengthen your kicks & increase your flexibility! This is great for Taekwondo, Karate, or any Martial Artists that want higher kicks 🙂

Tips for Preparing for your Black Belt Test

Nervous about testing for your Black Belt? Don’t worry! I have 6 tips to help you prepare for your exam based off my own experience having tested up to 4th Dan and the tips I give my students when they are about to test for their Black Belts!

How to Kick Higher for Martial Arts / Taekwondo

My 7-Day Free Workout Routine showing you specific drills & stretches to help you achieve higher kicks for Taekwondo, Karate, and other Martial Arts.

May Martial Arts Challenge & Online Training Launch

My Martial Arts & Taekwondo Online Training Courses are officially launched!! Learn Sparring, Nunchucks, and Bo Staff from Samery Moras Online. Check out May’s Martial Arts 30-Day Challenge and tag a buddy to do it with you!

Taekwondo Taeguk Poomsae Forms 1-8

Need help reviewing your form for Taekwondo? Here’s a video of all the Taeguk Poomsae forms 1-8! Starting from White Belt all the way til the last belt before Black Belt!

5 Basic Kicks You Should Know for Beginning Taekwondo Sparring: TKD for Beginners

Are you thinking about starting sparring in Taekwondo, or have you just begun this new adventure? Learning how to spar can be both a scary and exciting activity. One of the things you can do to help you feel more prepared is make sure you have a good knowledge of what kicks you can use so you can start experimenting and learning.

Online Training Student Testimonials

“I highly recommend online training with Samery! She is so personable and made me feel confident in the progress! She made each session about what I needed to work on and answered so many questions for me. She helped me get into a routine and gave me a personalized list of what I need to be doing at home daily to work on my taekwondo goals. I highly recommend her services! I finished my session coming out more confident and with a solid plan of where I wanted to go in Taekwondo! I’m already looking forward to signing up again for more online training!”


Kayla T.

“I began Taekwondo in May 2017, two weeks shy of my 56th birthday, having reservations
that my age would limit me and it would probably end in six months. My passion for the art grew after I won Best Performance (Seniors) for Poomsae at a local tournament in spring of 2018, and I decided in the fall to take online lessons from Samy in hopes of improving my overall TKD performance and advancing my nascent sparring skills. I can say without reservation Samy’s skills as a coach are matched only by her friendly, fun
personality and her enthusiasm to inspire others to dream big and work hard. She was patient with me- aware that my age (now 57) would introduce limitations- but also challenged me to work hard and improve. I now spar on a weekly basis against
competitors half my age, with the confidence that I’m improving. Samy provided specific exercises and stretches, footwork drills, and practical competitive sparring techniques. She goes the extra minutes and miles, always on time and prepared, very objective, and made the learning fun and personable. I highly recommend hiring her if you’re serious about learning from a true champion. You will NOT regret it!”

Gary C.