Are You More Committed to Your Dreams or Your Comfort Zone?

Empowering Women through Self-Defense

Having retired from being a professional athlete, Samery decided to use her extensive experience in Martial Arts to dedicate herself to empowering women through teaching basic awareness & self-defense skills so women can feel secure and confident.



Entrepreneur & Content Creator

Samery grew up in an entrepreneurial family and is now one of the owners of 2 Martial Arts Schools in Utah. She has now also founded Live Martial Arts, an Online Martial Arts training academy, and has grown a social media audience of over 250k followers and +10 million views!

Motivational Public Speaker

Samery loves to share impactful stories from her unique experiences as a professional athlete & entrepreneur that help inspire others to break past their own limits and learn how to control their fears. 

One of her favorite speeches is, “Fear is A Choice.” She has traveled all over the world speaking and spreading positivity.


My Biggest Failures

Fear of failing can cause you to make unwanted choices because they seem like an easier & safer way out. It’s what stops you from going ‘all in’ and reserving your actions to ‘trying’ rather than ‘doing.’ In the podcast, I spoke about how I failed in 3 different areas of my life- Athletic, Business, and Relationships. 

Weight Cutting Recipe – My Favorite Green Smoothie

As a Taekwondo athlete, I often have to cut off a few pounds in order to make weight for competitions. Weight cutting can be a frustrating experience if it’s not done correctly. I hate seeing athletes starve themselves or try out crazy, unhealthy diets just to make weight. Because of this, I thought I’d share my favorite weight-cutting recipes that help me lose weight and stay healthy & strong for Fight Day!

Experiences with Samery…

“I highly recommend online training with Samery! She is so personable and made me feel confident in the progress! She made each session about what I needed to work on and answered so many questions for me. She helped me get into a routine and gave me a personalized list of what I need to be doing at home daily to work on my taekwondo goals. I highly recommend her services! I finished my session coming out more confident and with a solid plan of where I wanted to go in Taekwondo! I’m already looking forward to signing up again for more online training!”


Kayla T. - Online Martial Arts Training Student

“Today’s class with Samery was one of the best classes I’ve ever held for my students for self-defense. This is the 3rd of 4th one we’ve had and this is hands down, the by far the best. I was super impressed with the way she organized it, she didn’t have a lot of time, but managed to pack so much stuff into a 45min class, I was really impressed and really surprised. She was more articulate than any self-defense instructor that we’ve had. She obviously knew her stuff. She made it very relatable and very understandable for a large group, which I’m sure is a hard thing to manage for 100 students. We’re all really impressed with how she managed the class.

Feb. 10, 2020 - Self Defense Seminar at UVU for 100 College Students