Hey guys!

Happy new month of May!! I can’t believe how April just zoomed by. I’ve been so busy this month preparing for NEW things– including the official launch of my Online Taekwondo Training Programs and my first 30-day Martial Arts Challenge!!

I’ve worked on these courses for SO long and I’ve been incredibly nervous to get these out there– but you guys have been amazing and I’ve loved how many of you have already pre-ordered the courses and are ready to START TRAINING!!

Here’s a quick run-down on what the courses are covering:

Nunchucks Online Training

Ever wanted to learn Nunchucks, but your school doesn’t teach classes? This Online Training Course is perfect for beginner-level Nunchucks training! The course covers Basic Rebounds, Strikes, Spins, and even a whole Beginner’s Form Combination.

Ready to take your Sparring to the next level? This course includes 10 online workout routine tutorials of basic to intermediate drills to improve in sparring. The workouts include: Warm ups (Jump Rope, mile run, etc), Dynamic Stretching, Paddle Drills, Footwork Drills, Agility Drills, and More!

This course is a great way to start learning the basics of Bo Staff! We’ll be covering: Basic Strikes, Basic Blocks, Hand Rolls, Neck Rolls, and Spins. At the end, we’ll be putting together all the moves to make a Basic Combo that you can use in any demo!

Β YAY! You can go check out all the courses HERE.


And now for the OTHER THING that I last-minute decided to create that’s kept me busy…

The May Martial Arts 30-Day Challenge!!

Which BTW- is actually a 31-day challenge, haha!Β 

These challenges are meant to be fun & many can be done right from your house- I’m hoping it helps motivate you to move your body, try new things, and practice at home!

Click Here to Download a Printable Version

Tips for Completing the Martial Arts Challenge:

  1. Share With A Buddy
    Have a friend that loves Martial Arts? Challenges are always fun to do with a buddy! This way you can help keep each other accountable and talk about which challenges are most fun/challenging.
  2. Join our exclusive Facebook Group!
    Make sure you join our FB Group where you’ll find the most encouraging community that’s always sharing ideas, motivation, and discussing ways to reach your goals! CLICK HERE to join.
  3. Print & Place It In A Visible Place
    Make sure you print it and check off each challenge that you complete. There’s something about physically checking off a list that’s so satisfying!
  4. Share Videos of You Completing the Challenges!
    Record yourself completing the challenges and inspire others too as well! If you tag me in your Instagram story, there’s a good chance I’ll re-share it as well πŸ˜‰

I’ll see you over on my Instagram or YouTube channel!

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