How to Get Higher Kicks: 10-min Daily Workout Routine

How to Kick Higher:  Free 10-min Daily Workout Routine for Martial Arts / Taekwondo

Want a quick daily workout you can do to help you get your kicks higher? Try this 10-min routine I put together to help strengthen your kicks & increase your flexibility! This is great for Taekwondo, Karate, or any Martial Artists that want higher kicks 🙂

I have broken down the different sections of the warmup below, but be sure to check out and follow-along with the video above to fully see the routine! 

Warm Up: 2-minutes

The workout starts off with a very light warmup. Depending on your body, you may need a longer warmup to really get your muscles moving in order to avoid injuries. Be sure to do extra warmup exercises if your body needs it! This light warmup works great for me, but everyone’s body is different!

Jumping Jacks – 30 sec

Squats – 30 sec

High Knees – 30 sec

Lunges – 30 sec

Kick Stretches: 2-minutes

This next section of the routine is to get everything moving and loosened up for the high kick drills. Only stretch your legs as far as they can move comfortably! Alternate between legs during the 30 seconds.

Stretch Kicks – 30 sec

Kick Backs – 30 sec

Outside Crescent – 30 sec

Inside Crescent – 30 sec

High Kick Strengthening: 4-minutes


These next drills are great for combining flexibility with strength. Try and do these as high as your legs let you go. They will burn! A couple of notes when you’re doing the drills: 1. Don’t let your butt stick out to compensate for going higher! 2. Keep your leg straight during the pulses & figure 8, don’t let your knee bend. 3. Keep your eyes looking at your kicking foot.

Up-down Pulses – 30 sec each leg

Side-side Pulses – 30 sec each leg

Sideways Figure 8 – 30 sec each leg

3 Level Kicks – 30 sec each leg

Static Stretching: 2-minutes

We save static stretching for the very end because this is when your body is the most warmed up and can be pushed the most, so it’s when your flexibility can be increased. Hold each stretch and remember to BREATHE!

Middle Split Hold – 30 sec

Side split hold – 30 sec each leg

Frog stretch hold – 30 sec


I hope you enjoy this 10-minute workout, if you’d like a copy of my free 7-Day Higher Kicks Workout Routine, sign up HERE!

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