For over a year, I played with the idea of starting a podcast, but I never did. Then, the other day, I randomly captioned one of Instagram photos with “I wanna start a podcast.” I didn’t think much of the caption, other than simply wanting to take my idea and put it out into the universe to give it a chance to make something happen. 

5 days later, it did.

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On June 15th, my best friend Donavan Barrett and I, launched our official podcast, Power of Will. The podcast is centered around the idea of our backgrounds- two pro athletes turned entrepreneurs, aiming to inspire others to take action on their dreams by not only sharing our own experiences, but also the stories of other athletes and entrepreneurs around the world that have followed their passions and turned them into successful careers.

Why the name “Power of Will”?

Of the 5 days from the initial conversation to the actual launching of the first episode, 3 of the days were spent purely brainstorming ideas for the podcast. We came up with good ones, ridiculous ones, and nothing seemed to fit until we found this one we loved. The Power of Will represents the mindset that has taken us to obtain any of the goals we’ve achieved. Much like this podcast creation, sometimes goals unachievable end up happening purely from willpower. 

Donavan and I both spent over a year contemplating starting a podcast. Then it just took us 5 days to turn it into a reality. So, how is it that we couldn’t for all this time before, but in the matter of a weekend, it could actually happen? Willpower.

When you set your mind to bringing something to life, you do everything you can to make it come true. 

We ended up having to record the first episode twice as we had several audio issues. Around 12am Sunday night (less than 12 hours from our announced release date), we finally had the intro & podcast complete. We spent the next few hours editing and getting everything ready for the release. 

We did it. 

The feedback we received from the first episode was INSANE. I got so many DM’s stating how excited they were about the idea and how we spread positivity and hope through our conversation. 

We now have multiple episodes live and are excited to see where we take this! 
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